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Admission Rules

Admission application will be available at the school office. Because the seats are fixed, students are selected for admission through examination. However, in this case, the prior of student’s results and their character qualities are given preference.

*Admission Exam

  1. For Pre-Play, Play, Nursery, KG- Just Oral test
  2. Written and Oral tests will be taken for all other classes

What to submit with the admission form

  1. Properly filled in the admission form
  2. Two copies of passport size photograph of students
  3. One copy pp size photograph of Guardian or local Guardian
  4. Birth Certificate, Testimonials or Clearance certificate


Apply Online Process

Applications are submitted to ELSK through our Online Application Link. There are three steps for submitting an application online:

  • Answer all questions in the online Application Form.
  • Upload all relevant documents and additional filled-out forms with the Application Form.
  • Pay the Application Processing Fees.


Kindly note that additional testing might be conducted if their initial screening results are deemed inconclusive. Prospective families are welcome to contact our admissions department with questions before applying online: info@elskhulna.com

Form and Information Downloads for Applications
  • ELSK Admission Form

Age Requirements

Class Age Limit Class Age Limit
Pre-Play 3+ years Class-3 8+ years
Play 4+ years Class-4 9+ years
Nursery 5+ years Class-5 10+ years
KG 5 years+6 months+ Class-6 11+ years
Class-1 6+ years Class-7 12+ years
Class-2 7+ years Class-8 13+ years