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The medium of instruction at ELSK is English Version. Prominence is given on Bangla, our mother tongue. Religious and moral education is compulsory at the primary level. While Muslim children study Islamiat, non-Muslims have the option to take Moral Science instead.

For children of 3 and 4 years (Playgroup and Nursery), the aim is to develop intellectual skills through an understanding of language and recognition of letters, numbers, colors and shapes. Children of 5 and 6 years (KG. I and KG. II) follow a programme that includes reading, writing, drawing, numbers, music and games. Children Std. I – Std. VIII are gradually introduced to the formal subjects of English, Bengali, Mathematics and all the Arts, Business, Commerce and Science subjects including Computer literacy courses. From Std. IX they are given the option to choose subjects they wish to appear in O-Level and subsequently in A Level.

USAGE OF PHONETICS: An important purpose of our teaching is to start our language teaching at an elementary level and we concentrate on the acquisition of a standard language. We are concerned about the reading, writing, speaking skills of a student and “speech sounds” – and how it is used in language. We put a lot of stress in the way we pronounce words and different aspect of speech, for example, “stress” and intonation ( the use of the pitch of the voice to convey meaning). We often use various activities associated with language learning as children have a special ability to “pick up” another language – simply from social interaction. Our teachers at Playpen are trained in this area and along with the conscious process of learning ( which is directly from textbooks) – they also stress upon the unconscious process of acquiring language, for example through exposure and communication. We believe that a learner who is willing to guess, risk making mistakes and tries to communicate in the second language ( English) is likely to be more successful and more creative.

Our teachers are trained to believe that an “error” does not hinder a students’ progress – but is a clue to an active learning process. They are more tolerant of their students and consider “error” to be a vital part of acquiring knowledge.

SCORING AND PROMOTION POLICY: Semester examinations cover 50% of the total credit. Class work and class tests cover the remaining 50%. A student may be promoted to the next class when he/she has obtained a minimum passing score for the respective classes.

CERTIFICATE OF STUDENT OF THE MONTH: This certificate is awarded to the students based on their academic performance, regularity, punctuality, conduct, uniform, etc.

CERTIFICATE AND MEDAL DISTRIBUTION: Students from KG. II – Std. VII are awarded certificates and medals for their achievement of holding 1st, 2nd and 3rd position in their respective classes.

Honor ROLL: Students of Std. IX, X, and XII who have scored 80% mark and above are awarded honor roll certificates at the end of the school year.

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